Finally – the annoying tearing off of cling film has an end!

PERFOLIA, the perforated cling film from Germany meets the highest demands. It not only keeps food fresh longer, but thanks to its pre–cut perforation it is also easy to cut off, new and wonderfully simple, without the need for a knife.

No more unclean separation, no more annoying sticking of the film, no more additional separating device.

Thanks to perfolia, you can use cling film absolutely quickly and easily for the first time – so that you can enjoy your cooking experience to the full.

Very easy handling

How's that supposed to work? Very simple: Take the film in your hand and peel it off. After about 36 cm you will find a perforated area where you can tear the film with a light touch of your finger – and the film sheet separates by itself. Just as you already know it from your paper roll – every 36 cm, over the entire roll. Absolutely practical and simple in comparison to all conventional cling film.

The size of the foil sheets cover almost all relevant plates and vessels. The size of the pots or pans can be easily closed by several sheets.

perfolia – the perforated cling film

Tested for you by professionals

It was developed for professional kitchens such as canteens, restaurants and catering services. It has long been an indispensable part of the everyday life of large companies.

The benefits:

  • Perforated sheets
  • Tearing off without a saw
  • Easy separation
  • No sticking
  • Economical consumption
  • XXL-Roll

Product features:

  • 300 sheets
  • Size 29cm x 36cm, 108m roll length
  • Sheet size for all common plates
  • Suitable for foodstuffs
  • Free of softeners
  • Ecologically harmless

Convincing quality:

  • Keeps food fresh
  • Protects the aroma
  • Taste and odour neutral
  • Suitable for deep freezing
  • Self-adhesive & especially tear-resistant

Your short way to happiness

perfolia is finally available for you to buy. Try perfolia for yourself and experience how easy and fast the application of cling film can be. Don't get annoyed any longer with ordinary cling film and use the product of the professionals.

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